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Symmetry is a new strategy board game for the iPhone. The game rules are very simple, use the concept of symmetry, and result in a very challenging gameplay:

Create symmetric patterns on the board to beat your opponent in a great new 30 seconds to learn, generations to master game!

Symmetry - The Board Game is available on the AppStore
Symmetry is highly rated:
4.5 Star Ratings in many AppStores
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Thank you!

The Symmetry-Gimmick: Embed the game on your own website or blog.

If you like our small web demo of Symmetry and want to share it, there is good news: We made it very easy to embed the Game into your own website or blog.

Just copy and paste the HTML-Code below into your own site's code and you're done.

Embedding Code:

<iframe height=702 allowtransparency="yes" width=424 frameborder=0 src=""></iframe>

Would be great if you'd let us know where you used it :) Thanks and Enjoy!

Dandy is the full power of disturbed minds in your pocket.

Dandy is a simple and amazingly sounding sampler for iPhone.

It was inspired by Dandy Desmonds composition “Magnetic Loops for 15 Tape Decks” from 1939.

Check it out.

Portable Dandt is available on the AppStore
Screenshot of Dandy a Sampler for iPhone

Thank's to efectism we have a very musical Demo of Portable Dandy:

Tristan Héau ( created another wonderful interpretation of Dandy Desmond's "Magnetic Loops for 15 Tape Decks" – Merci beaucoup, c'est très magnifique.

3rd of April 2012:

Apple Rejects Portable Dandy 1.2

UPDATE: Dandy 1.2 is released now, but we had to replace the sample (don't worry, the new one is pretty cool)... Still the story is fun:

After 7 days of waiting for the review: Portable Dandy 1.2 just got rejected from the AppStore. This update was supposed to bring AudioBus support into our little mind dangling Sampler.

Here is the reason why:

Why apple rejected Portable Dandy: Female Masturbation

It took them 3 releases to figure that out – Oh and it's actually the 23rd sample ha?!? Ok – think about heavily breathing women or female masturbation as objectionable as you wish – Even, we don't object to any of that – For us these sounds have kind of a big tradition in popular music – At least, they are spread over iTunes quite often, which brought us to create...

[applause please]

The Barefoot-Coders Top 5 Songs featuring "heavily breathing women" on iTunes List

Platz 5:
Big Louis "French Kiss"

This song is a remake of Lil' Louis "French Kiss" which is unfortunately not on iTunes... But this one deserves Platz 5 cause the woman breathing heavily can be heard already in iTunes preview :)

Get it on iTunes

Platz 4:
Melleefresh & deadmau5 "Hey Baby"

4 Million plays on YouTube cannot err :)

Get it on iTunes

Platz 3:
Serge Gainsbourg & Jane Birkin "Je t'aime moi non plus"

Sure, everybody knows this one... She is unfortunately not "breathing heavily" in the iTunes preview – Too sad...

Get it on iTunes

Platz 2:
Curtis Mayfield "Get Down"

We certainly do love funky music and this one is particularly interesting for its richness in referencing probably objectionable "female masturbation".
Also available on YouTube!

Get it on iTunes

Platz 1:
The White Noise "Love Without Sound"

This is really a very great song and definitely one that has never gotten the attention it deserved – Actually the whole album is a real master piece: Just listen to the sounds and keep in mind, it was produced in 1969 – Respect! Also on YouTube!

Get it on iTunes


Ladies and Gentleman we are proud to have found the one and only thing on iTunes that is even more objectionable than Portable Dandy's Sample Number 23. It's the ultimate incarnation of "women breathing heavily [...] referencing female masturbation" in the Apple Universe.
Just search the iTunes Store for (yes you guessed right) "woman breathing heavily" or have it here straight away (Track 41 is cool).

Isn't that beautiful? However, for Portable Dandy, I guess, there will be a new 23rd Sample (maybe this one) in the upcoming release.

But don't worry, you can get whatever sounds you like in your sample library any time by using iTunes File Sharing:

For now: This is the icon of the 23rd Sample, "many audiences" would find objectionable:

The 23rd Sample's Icon

Make sure, you're ready before you press it and get the Dandy, if you don't have it yet!

Bleibt wachsam, Stephan

The nemesis of many, not only the greeks: Angela Merkel. Make her a biddy in your hand and let Angela say what you want. (public beta)

Wir sind Merkel Screenshot

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